A.B Page SR. (better known as “Blackie”) started AB Page Inc.in 1965 in the backyard of his own home. At this time “AB Page Inc” was in its infancy, unaware of its future potential and the success that is today. The young company was just a small rigging shop that only sold hand spliced slings, hardware and spooled reels of Union Wire Rope cable. Other services included long splicing of sand lines for oil field swab-trucks.

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After the unfortunate passing of A.B Page, Sr. his beloved son Henry Page bought out his father’s company in 1972, where he would then change the name of the company to Page Wire Rope & Slings, Inc. Since the beginning, the company has grown impressively and exponentially over the years, from a small backyard shop to the accredited and distinguished company it is today. Page Wire Rope & Slings, Inc. has continued its dedicated service to the oil field for four generations. Four generations of Pages that include: Don Page (President), Kevin Page (Operations Manager) and Jacob Page (Inside Sales). Henry’s two daughters, Kathy Page and Laviolette (Treasurer) and Carol Page (Secretary) are also there to help continue their grandfather’s dream.

Page Wire Rope is now much larger than the original A.B. Page, Inc with additions of three new buildings to the original site.  These new buildings and office renovations in Lafayette along with the two divisions, one in Shreveport, LA and one in Pleasanton, TX, added to the essential growth and the success of Page Wire Rope.  Page Wire Rope has now grown the sewing of synthetic slings and the testing of wire rope slings, chain slings, and hardware. Page Wire Rope is now offering double braided and 12 strand ropes with splice capabilities.

Page Wire Rope & Slings, Inc. is based out of Lafayette, LA but has expanded operations to Shreveport, LA (Haynesville Shale) and Pleasanton, Texas (Eagle Ford Shale) as well. All sites are complete with state-of-the-art rigging that will provide customers with the highest quality of wire rope products and services.  With our expanded coverage and dedicated employees, Page Wire Rope will continue to strive for quality excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our prayers for the fifth generation is to always serve our customers like the past four generations. Our goal is to give you safe lifting and efficient products.

Commitment to Quality

Page Wire Rope & Slings, Inc. shall provide products and services that continually meet or exceed customer expectations while adhering to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements. Click here to download our policies documentation.

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