Wire Rope Slings

Single part body mechanically spliced wire rope slings.

Eyes are typically formed using a flemish eye splice. The ends are secured by pressing a metal sleeve over the ends of the strands of the splice. Pull follows a direct line along the center of the rope and eye. Single part body mechanical splice slings have a higher rated capacity than hand-spliced slings.

Flemish Eye Splice

In the standard flemish eye mechanical splice, wire rope is separated into two parts: three adjacent strands to one part and three adjacent strands along with the core to the other part. The two parts are then re-laid back in opposite directions to form an eye and ends are secured with a pressed metal sleeve.

Swaging provides a good grip

This photo shows a cutaway of a metal sleeve that’s been swaged onto a splice. Notice how metal flows into the valleys between strands to positively prevent ends from unlaying when the sling is used within its rated capacity.

Rope Dia. (in.)RATED CAPACITY – Tons*E-E EyeDimensionsE-HT ThimbleE-EH Hook
vert.Choker Hitch***Basket Hitch
60°45°30°AbAbWLL** TonsER
3/ 1/214.14
3/45.64.1119.77.95.661223.757 1/22.089.07
1 1/8129.1242117129182.885.13153.0212.53
1 1/415113026211510202.885.13153.0212.53
1 3/818133631251811223.56.25AH-223.0212.53
1 1/221164237302112243.56.25AH-223.0212.53
1 5/8241849423524132648AH-303.2514.06
1 3/428215749402814284.59AH-37318.19
2 1/44435897763441836714AH-604.1223.72
2 1/254421099477542040
2 3/4655113011392652244
3 1/2102792031761441022856

All capacities in tons of 2,000 lbs. All eye and fitting dimensions in inches. * Rated Capacities Basket Hitch based on D/d Ration of 25.

Rated Capacities based on pin diameter no larger than natural eye width or less than the nominal sling diameter. Rated Capacities based on design factor of 5. Horizontal sling angles less than 30° shall not be used.

** Working Load Limit, based on standard carbon fittings unless noted otherwise.

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