Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips

“CHICAGO” the Trade-Mark of quality in wire rope fittings is embossed on all forged steel clip bases. This identification symbolizes wire rope clips that are manufactured to rigid specifications. Component parts are galvanized. U-bolts, with or without nuts, price on application.
Should be used in heavy duty applications.

U-Bolt DimensionsWeight
Rope SizePart No.ABCTPer 100
1/8”23460 312-243/4”9/32”1/2”6.5
3/16”23465 81/4”-2015/16”5/16”5/8”10
1/4”23470 25/16”-181-5/32”3/8”3/4”18.5
5/16”23475 73/8”-161-1/2”1/2”1”29.5
3/8”23480 17/16”-141-5/8”9/16”7/8”44
7/16”23480 11/2”-131-7/8”5/8”1-1/4”64
1/2”23490 01/2”-131-7/8”5/8”1-1/4”75
9/16”23495 59/16”-122-3/8”3/4”1-3/8”106
5/8”23500 69/16”-122-3/8”3/4”1-3/8”106
3/4”23505 15/8”-112-3/4”7/8”1-5/8”153
7/8”23510 53/4”-103-1/4”1”1-7/8”237.5
1”23515 03/4”-103-5/8”1-1/8”2”272.5
1-1/8”23520 43/4”-103-13/16”1-1/4”2-1/4”325
1-1/4”23525 97/8”-94-3/8”1-11/322-1/2”441
1-1/2”23535 87/8”-95-1/8”1-11/16”2-3/4”550

Meets Performance Requirements of Federal Specification FF-C-450, Type 1, Class 1

Recommended Application For Chicago Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips

Clip Size InchesMinimum No. of ClipsAmount of Rope toTurn Backin InchesTorque inFt. Lbs.

The correct way to attach wire rope clips is illustrated above. Apply the first clip one base width from the dead end of the wire rope. The base or saddle should bear on the line end of the rope – U-bolt on the short end Tighten nuts firmly. Attach second clip as close to loop as possible. Tighten nuts but not firmly. Attach balance clips spaced equally between first two clips. Tighten all nuts completely. Apply initial load – inspect nuts and retighten. Inspect all clips periodically.

The number of clips shown is based on using right regular or Large lay wire rope, 6×19 class or 6×37 class, fibre core IWRX, IPS or XIPS. The number of clips shown also applies to right regular lay wire rope, 8×19 class and 18×7 class, fibre core, IPS or XIPS, sizes 1-1/2 inch and smaller.

If Seal construction or similar large outer wire type construction in the 6×19 class is to be used for sizes 1-inch and larger, add one additional clip. For other classes or wire rope not mentioned, it may be necessary to add additional clips to the number shown, if more clips are used than shown, amount of rope turn back should be increased proportionately.

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