Impact Gloves

Page Wire Rope has supplied lifting needs since 1965.  If there are any safety needs that you need with your rigging, please do not hesitate to ask.  We have added gloves, safety glasses, and tag lines as well as other items to our list of products.  We can also supply trucking supply needs such as triangle and first aid kits.

Safety Glasses

Page Wire Rope & Sling Inc.’s primary objective is to provide an extra measure of protection in dusty and dirty environments. Wind blown particles such as dust, sand, cement, chemicals can cause serious eye irritation and damage. In addition to this specialized task, our selection of Safety Glasses offer a full range of features and benefits.

Safety Triangles

Easily deployed and stored, these florescent triangle emergency road flares are designed to meet or exceed all DOT and FMVSS 125 standards. Acrylic plastic strip reflectors have a permanent seal against dust and moisture damage. Ballasted, blow molded tube with non-slip foam pads provides a study base. Wire controlled tilting. Holds up to storms and extreme winds. Bright red carrying case with handle included.


Our taglines are designed to enable industrial personnel to control lifted loads more easily and safely. These safety taglines have the following features:

  • Quick and Easy Attach and release – It is easy to use this safety tagline to control a load that is lifted by a crane.
  • No Tangles, cut-offs or Knots – Easy Storage
  • Excellent control – Work Smarter not Harder
  • Strong and durable casing. – This safety tagline features a durable and impact-resistant casing.
  • No Trip Hazard or Drag. – The design of this safety tagline makes it a safe tool for use on Industrial sites and maintenance workshops.
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